About me

I am an artist based in West Yorkshire.

I am self taught and have painted and drawn all all my life. Over the years I have attended many art classes. I recently decide to display my work on line for all to see and hopefully purchase! A lot of my work had been hidden under the bed or on top of the wardrobe, unseen. So I have decided to publish it all on line and share it with you. It is I feel fairly bold dynamic work. I hope you'll like it!

My preferred method of working is always work from life never photos in and a short period of time. I like to be expressive and react to the subject through whatever medium. You'll see that I am versatile with no one preferred medium. I am not interested images created by process or artifice.

As my work develops I will of course be adding new work to the site with more Landscape and Absract works to follow. So keep visiting.

Going forward I will be using twitter and other social media to bring attention to new work.

Thanks for your interest


Featured Works